Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Happy Birthday Me

I know it's little past my birthday, but I'm still doing this blog in honor of my 22nd birthday, which was on the 10th.
Here's some of my new art and then also some awesome pics of other people.

Where the Wild Roses Grow by ~mippieArt

Under the Full Moon by ~mippieArt

Where are you? by ~mippieArt

where is my love? by ~Geistig  
Fire Within Me by *freaky665

60543 by *kubicki

Childhood by ~darkenedmyth
Element Water by =BvandenBerg

Its a Sin by *JennLaa

My ocean by =miiiiirellaaaaaaaaaa
Organic by ~talliesynn

The Bride Wears Black by ~D-S-InfernalFrost

Suspended Animation by ~JsusSrno

Friday, 4 November 2011

Heart beating drum thingy majigi

I try to enter for as many as possible contest in the digital arts field. I am really trying to get my name out there. All I want for now is to get a Daily Deviation. For those of you who doesn't know Deviant Art, a Daily Deviation is like getting a HUUUUUGGGGEEEE fucking gold star and 50 A's for Effort. The publicity a Daily deviation provides you with is just insane.

So here is my latest contest entry, it for the heart beating like a drum or something like that contest.

Oh and some other awesome art!!!

Enojy!!! \m/

Ascending by ~mippieArt        
Trickster Priest by *pu-sama
.:PROJECT UNKNOWN:. by *brethdesign

Igniting Shadows by =whitewinged

Also go check out the awesom animated manipulations by whitewinged here.
C o r v i D by =J-u-d-a-s
See no Evil by =zummerfish

forevermore sharing your love by *pu-sama
He Came With The Rain by *borda

Little ghost. by =ixmsafi
Release Yourself by *titusboy25

SPAWN - 01 DONE by =RobDuenas

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

So today I am feeling very down. There was a time once when I just switched off my feelings, and then I never felt like this. But you know what, I rather feel the bad stuff also, than not feel at all. And the one thing that always makes me feel much better is looking at around me and trying to find the beauty in everything around me. So I went back to a few of my favourite pictures from a while back.

Hope you enjoy it!!

your favorite color by `suzi9mm

Obsession. by `zemotion

A Distant Figure by `TheTragicTruth-Of-Me

And yet another bird by ~thefrostbitten
The Cherry Tree by `Gwarf

Farewell by ~AllaD8

Model Lab 2 by ~MiAOUWs

Natural History by `lithiumpicnic

Red alley by *Behindmyblueeyes

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Update and some awesome art!!!

Firstly, I know I have been quiet for a while, but things are a bit rough.

- My mom is getting married, as I previously mentioned, and I am helping her with all of the arrangements. Even though it's a very smaal wedding, there is a hell of alot of arrangements that needs to be made. Plus they are getting married on the 31st of December, so we have two months in which to get everything together. Atleast we found a venue, a dress for and flowers already.

- I have started getting freelance designing jobs. At first it wasn't very big stuff, an advert here and there. But now I have been asked to design the biggest peagant in our city's invatations and magazine spreads. It's a pretty big break for me and this could really get my name out there.

- I am a bookkeeper at a law firm by day and we have the auditers as geusts this week. OMG, it's crazy, I run around the whole day like a crazy person.

- Oh and then I have deviantart also, where I'm trying to make a name for myself.

Here's a few of my favourites of deviantart, support the artists please, they are all very tallented.

Rusting by *hamesha

Black Feather by *BvandenBerg

blue - m1rc0

Who's gonna break my fall? - whitewinged
Hope in the darkest of days - rainbowmagic

Luperca - Etruscan Goddess by *GIN7GIN8

Nikkie by ~MLR19

Pale by =artorifreedom
Pandora's box by =barbaraplanche

Power of Faith by *SSDema

Psychotic s dream by ~bosscorpio

Rebirth by ~Galler-y

RED WOLF BOOK COVER CONTEST by *streamopassion

S t r a n g e L o v E by =J-u-d-a-s

The invisible woman by *oliviousolitaire
Your Light by *ErinM31

BabyDoll by =MyAmbeon

Autumn Portal by ~Whendell

Waiting in Neverland by ~Colorkiller